Give now to provide empowerment and hope to your neighbor   image

Give now to provide empowerment and hope to your neighbor

Help ignite someone’s spark! The timing is NOW as our community is so in need!

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Animals invite us to move from our heads into our hearts

Unbridled Spirit’s Mission is to empower social-emotional healing and human connection through equine experiential learning and other innovative methods.

Vision: A compassionate and equitable society where people have an innate sense of belonging, a connection to nature and can achieve mental, spiritual, and social well-being.

Community Impact: Our Windy Acres Farm horses impacted 109 lives just since April, 2021!

Testimonials: Sue Swank: “ Regular therapy is about the brain. This is about your heart.”

Rachel Rodriguez: “This farm is a safe haven for people of other lands.” (referring to the people working and volunteering here at Windy Acres Farm of African, Native American , Hispanic, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and herself, Puerto Rican, ancestry/blood)

A mom: "The kids both had really hard weeks this past week...I'm really grateful for our time together with you and the's really a gift for us to have that focused time as a family."

It's all about connection